Recent Contributors

Special Thanks go to our Valued Contributors…..


2017 Spring Donors:


Indeed Brewing Company, 2,597.40


FW & Maryreba Kircher

BLUE LEVEL 500-1000

Medtronic Foundation Matching Donation

Jean Ostlund Johnson, In honor of m sister JoAnne Horn, '49


Andy Keuser, In honor of the 80th birthdays Class of '55

Kay Lubansky, In memory of Mother Murice Lind Olubansky


Anonymous,  In memory of Joan (Chantler) Fitz-Randolph, '47 and Carol (Chantler) Easley, '49

Harvey & Geri Benson, In memory of Tom Taylor, '49

Robert Buntrock, In memory of Gloria Kral Buntrock, '60

Endowment Fund Lorraine Lindahl Memorial

Mary Ann Erickson and Class of 1951, Thanks to the Alumni band for performance at 1951 class of reunion

Karen Erickson

Paul & Kathleen Gorzycki, In honor of Edison Alumni Band

Jay Gould III

Cindy Grzanowski

Stacy Harth, In memory of Jim Goodsell, '82 and Wendy Gynild '81

Diane Loeffler

Patricia Myslajek, Robert Godava, Sheila Roeser  In memory of Stella Miskowiec Godava, '35, Joe Godava, '58, and Barb Godava Stone, '69

Ken Nelms, In honor of Alumni band

Norma Nelson, In honor of all family members who have called Edison their High School home

Lucille Petermeier

Helen Regan, In memory of my husband Jeff Regan, '73

Sheila Roeser, In memory of Stella (Miskowiec) Godava, '35

Clarence Super, In honor of the class of 1977

Other Supporters


David Bakus, In honor of Class of 1977

James Becker, In memory of Jamie Lynn Gunderson

Jeanne Brown, In memory of Coach/Teacher Harry Brown

Nancy Doolittle, In memory of Betty Ann Griffin, '43

William Grivna

Gordon Hesselroth, In memory of John Nye, Dick Carlson and Kay Noren

John Hoyny Jr, In memory of Carl Holmgren Jr, '62

Welcome Jerde & Dan Berg, In honor of work of Max Athorn

Dave & Carol Larson, In memory of James J. Sarna

James Nastoff

Bonita& James  Stockhaus

Richard Stockness

Greg Wallin

Daniel Westphal

Bonnie White, In honor of Rosemary Pehlin-Whitson

David Spano

The following made donations in memory of Paul Ohlin:

Gloria & Richard Anderson, DA & VM Anderson, William & Lynn Bjornnes, FP Bonthius, Thomas & Cheryl Campbell, Juleene Carroll, Leticia Steven Alexandres, Dechene, Terese Edam, Bruce & Phyllis Falk, Daniel & Jennifer Falk, George Greenfield II & Beverly Meakins, NC & Carolyn Huble, Allison Johnson, Sharon Lemke, Jean Mitby & Joan McMillan, Martha & Ray Morris, Dewayne & Patricia Norberg, Douglas Norberg, Irene & John Novak, Cheryl Ohlin, Paul Ohlin, Roger Pelto, Phyllis Pesek, Ronald Schulte, Janice Sowieja, Brenda Staloch, Craig & Lisa Sumner, Daniel Sweeney, Amanda Waggoner, Calvin & Lorilee Wright, Richard & Fay Yates



2016 Winter Donors:


Lions Club of NE Minneapolis, in honor of the Edison Alumni Band


Robert & Mary Litterman

Bill Newham, In memory of Helen "MA" Curry


Linda & Arthur Maillet

James Anderson

Rhino Tool Company, In memory of Paul Ohlin

Laurie & George Zurbey, In honor of Zurbey/Felegy/Eskola Families

Endowment Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Quarterly distribution of Lorraine Lindahl


Ron and Jim Brambilla, Brambilla's Lease System, Inc, In memory of Paul Ohlin

Ronald Cota, In memory of Ronald Richardson, '53

Thomas Distefano, EnerSys Inc, in memory of Paul Ohlin

Del & Wendy Hammond, In memory of Paul Ohlin

Roy & Aleda Jacobson, In honor of the Alumni Band

Dr. Doug Kohlan, In memory of West Hendrickson

North Central Electrical Manufacturers Club, In memory of Paul Ohlin

Unipower Corp, In memory of Paul Ohlin

David Bakun, In honor of class of 1977

James Boatman, In honor of Class of '53

Joyce Daher, In memory of Jocye (Branca) Daher '54, her husband David (Toto) Daher

Karen Reed

HC Sonny Seratzki, In memory of Allan Haflund, '66

Daniel Westphal, In honor of Edison Alumni Band

Other Supporters

Roger & Doris Berglund

Jamar Cadejuste, Owner J-Juice Music & Entertainment

Jean Casey, In memory of Pat & Mark Casey

Betty Claussen, in memory of best friend Eva May Venske, '47

Gigi Decker

Jean & Edward Drabczak

Kathleen Greenwood, In memory of Pamela Davis, '74, Sara Prow (McConn) '74, Richard Harmon '72

Roger & Mary Ellen Johnson

Sheila Leiter, In memory of Paul Ohlin

Evelyn McNulty, In memory of Jim McNulty, '43

Scott Meade

Sharon Nelson, In honor of class of 1958

Loren & Lillian Ortendahl

Ed Roethke

Susan Shaindlin

Arlene & James Wedin

2016 Fall Donors:


Terry Frovik

James W Lund

Edison Authors, Carol A Larson, in Honor of the Edison Authors and their book "Class Forwards"

Edison Authors, In memory of Jean Torgerson and Peter Kordich


Jeane (Ostlund) Johnson '56, $500 in memory of brother-in-law Jim Horn, '49

Anonymous Donor, in memory of Falldin American Legion 555, it's Members and Auxillary, it's sports programs and all of the volunteer coaches


Daniel Ptak


David Yates, in memory of my sisters Lucy, Adeline and Carol

Joyce Pyka

Donald T Ouellette in memory of Karin Ouellette

John Engstrom

Barbara M. Sitzman, in Memory of James E Moore, '58

Dorothy & Robert Sr Havrilk, in memory of Robert J Havrilak Jr '70

Tom Allen

Lloyd Marengo, in Memory of Jeanna (Johnson) Marengo, '39, in honor of Linda '65, Steve '68, Lorene ‘73

Charlotte Schei Smith, David Smith, Steven Smith, Janet Smith, in memory of Yvonne Schei Berg

Other Supporters

Tom & Helen (Holubka) Skovn, in memory of Charlie  Walters SR

Dan Carr, in honor of the Edison Alumni Band

Ellen & Stephanie Nelson

Tom Madden in memory of Greg Kaslow

Ed Kocon, in memory of Joe Godava and Bruce Guzy

Elsa Zinter

David J. Bakun, in Honor of Class of 1977

Nancy Zaworski

Mary Kiley, in Honor of Edison Authors and "Class Forwards"

Dennis Gladhill, in Memory of Dennis Erickson, '56

Betty Lou Berg, In memory of Elaine Fedors

Erika Sass & Abby Roza

Camille M Lutes, In memory of Liz Brindley Burkland and David Burkland

David Spano

Lois Allen, in memory of Allan Haflund, 1966-67

Leonard & Elizabeth Bauma

Ethel Dzubak

Robert Wallensen

Marian Sievert, in honor of Class of 1949

Marlys L Herman, in Memory of Kenneth Herman

Gerald F. Dwyer, in memory of Jane Johnson Dwyer, '59

Bart Dabrowski

Terry Gliniany, in memory of Nick Vescio


Marilyn Thompson



2016 Summer Donations


Robert and Gerry Nehotte

Mary (Maland) Boyle & friends/family in Memory of Helen Brandt

Jean Johnson

Kallie Tapie

The Guzy family gave the ECSF a memorial donation on behalf of Jean Guzy, class of 1956. The memorial in the amount of $2,035 will be going toward the Pete Guzy Scholarship. Look for more information in our next newsletter.


Laurence Niederhofer

Greater Twin Cities United Way


Jeffrey Johnson & Theresa Flaherty-Johnson

Tony Jaros, River Gardens Inc.

Ralph Strangis

Lois K Erickstad in honor of Donald A. Jacobson

Paul & Kathleen Gorzycki in memory of Butch Gorzycki

William Grivna

Denise Engebretson in Memory of Jerome Engebretson

Lindahl Memorial Endowment Fund

Tom Allen

Dorothy & Robert (Sr.) Havrilak in memory of Robert J Havrilak Jr, Class of ‘70

Other Supporters

Katherine Boosalis, Roger & Doris Berglund In memory of Jim McNulty '43

Rita Andrescik in memory of all of the Deceased Teachers

Gerald Dwyer in memory of Jane Johnson Dwyer

Kelly & Karen O'Rourke in memory of Howie Weller

Donald & Evelyn Wilson in memory of Mary (Maland) Boyle

Katherine Boosalis

Ed Kocon in memory of Joe Godava and Bruce Guzy

Spencer & Delores Sokolowski

Robert & Sharon Halva

Thomas & Cynthia Simpson

Candice Alexander in honor of the Class of 1968

James Kaffer in memory of Patricia Lyons Kaffer

Jean (Torgerson) Strong in memory of her parents, Oscar and Clara Torgerson

2016 Spring Donations

Robert & Geraldine Nehotte Class of January 1948
Larson Family Scholarship

Edison Class of 1953
Lois (Magee) Erbs ‘51 in Memory of uncle Frederick G. Palthen ‘39 and in Honor of her aunt Valera (Schei) Palthen; Washburn ‘39
James Hughs ‘62 in Memory of Wayne Warne ‘62
Richard Hyllested ‘54 in Honor of  Darlene (Hyllested) Brown ‘55 & husband Bill “Boom Boom” Brown former Viking
Andy Keuser in Honor of his Class of 1955
George Shindo ‘46 in Memory of Ann Rapacz ‘46 & Dorothy Moore ‘46

William Chorske
Jack & Fay Chestnut in Memory of Frank Rog
Ronald K. Cota Class of 1953
Joyce Daher ‘54 in Memory of her husband David “ToTo” Daher
Pat Dickson  ‘77 in Memory of Mike Wilkerson
Gordon Hesselroth Jan ‘46 in Memory of teammate Jerry Mitchell ‘48 and cousin Lois Houland ‘48
Ruth (Johnson) Jasinski in Memory of her husband Ralph Jasinski ‘50
Tom Kaczrowski Class of 1979
Stuart J. Leisz ‘49 in Memory of Frank Rog
Ralph & Karen (Berg) Matthes in Memory of  Yvonne Berg
Victoria Matthes in Memory of  Yvonne Berg
Jeff Schrempp ‘73 in Memory of Larry Schrempp
Ralph Strangis Class of 1954
Pat Wedin ‘54 in Memory of Jerry Wedin’57, Barbara (Wedin) Cappeletti ‘58, Larry Wedin ‘63
George & Laurie (Eskola) Zurbey Class of 1975

50.00 LEVEL
Stan & Jean Anderson
Bluestem Construction in Memory of Frank Rog
David Bakun in Honor of the Class of 1977
Lois Carlson
Dan Carr in Honor of the Edison Alumni Band
Gerald Dwyer ‘59 in Memory of Jane Johnson Dwyer
Fayette Grover –June ‘44 in Memory of Bernise B. Jorklund  Class of June ‘46
Bob & Penny (Gravina) Peters Class of ‘58
Dan Stock in Memory of Frank Rog
Paulette (Lucker) Sproull Class of 1972
Bonnie (Bredsten) Stockhaus ‘66
Daniel Westphal ‘80 in Honor of the
Edison Alumni Marching Band
Weckarella Stylists in honor of the Edison Alumni Band

25.00 LEVEL
Patricia (Faucher) Case ‘58 in Memory of
Ray Faucher
Karen Charlson & Matt Williamson
Nicholas & Joyce Conrad in Memory of Frank Rog
Ethel (Knutson) Dzubay Class of 1963
Richard Erpelding Class of 1965
Sharon (Olsen) Fenner ‘52 in Memory of classmate Orletta (Olson) Nielson ‘52
Audrey Glynn in Memory of Frank Rog
William Grivna
Leroy & Margie Halvorsen in Memory of Frank Rog
A. LeBerge ‘71 in Memory of Linda Kirberger ‘71
LaBerge Family Classes of 76, 77, 78, 81, & ‘82 in Memory of Ken Kirberger
Diane Loeffler in Honor of EHS Arts Programs
Laurie Malone in Honor of the Edison Alumni Band
Loren R. Ortendahl in Honor of the book, “Class Backwards”
Ken Pletcher
Ed Roethke Class of 1959
Susan (Winters) Sadowsky in Honor of Jill Adolphson Davenport and Dianne Churik ‘74
Marilyn Rose & Gerald Sanft in Memory of Frank Rog
Red Lyons ‘55 in Memory of Liz Burkland

Thank you to everyone who contributed!  You Do Make A Difference!!