Edison High School Updates


October 2014 the Edison Community & Sports Foundation received a check for $100,000.00 from the NFL and their charitable foundation partner Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

Their generous donation is helping to initiate the complete renovation of the Edison athletic field, transforming it into the “greenest” high school field in the nation serving football, soccer and track.

Edison FieldThis one-of-a-kind “green” field is just the latest in a series of high-profile improvements to the Edison High School campus that have been made possible by generous donations from partner organizations like the NFL and other neighborhood and local environmental groups that have worked to support a strong future for Edison in Northeast. Additional improvements are designed for them, including a community gateway/concession area on the east side of the field and a “Wall of Fame” adjacent to the bleachers.

Now is the time to join these partners and show your support for Edison High School and the Northeast community and help complete this project. So many people feel the importance of advancing a great Edison. This is an opportunity for the alumni, with our passion for the Blue & Gold and our deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and memories Edison afforded us, to advance and sustain the work being done here that is both visible and significant.  Large donors may contact E.C.S.F. to inquire about naming and recognition opportunities.

Green Light ProjectEdison High School Parking Lot

Picture of the unveiling of Phase 1 of the NE Green Light Project. Check out the SE corner of the Edison Parking lot. While you are there, you should note a portion of the alley was vacated and turned into a rain garden.