Current Recipients

The Edison Community & Sports Foundation for the 34th straight year is awarding scholarships to some outstanding 2017 graduates. These recipients will continue to do Edison proud.

The Edison Community Sports Foundation is pleased to announce the following 2017 scholarship recipients:  

Annalicia Bordayo – Frank Rog Scholarship

Jada Lewis – Pete Guzy Scholarship

Gysel Zangano Alvillar – Art Solz Scholarship

Chauntel Fleming – Guil Parsons Scholarship

Tracy Shaffer – Lorraine Lindahl Scholarship

David Valdepena – Guil Parsons Scholarship

Charlie Pratt – Art Solz Scholarship

Nathaniel Breiter – Frank Rog Scholarship

Andrew Swenson – Pete Guzy Scholarship

Andrew Nowacki – ECSF Scholarship

Rocheford Maxwell Barnard – Larson Family Scholarship

Kelly McCollow – Bernie Kunza Scholarship

Elie Nederloe -- Robert & Gerri Nehotte Scholarship

Congratulations to all!  Many thanks to everyone who donated financially, those who attended our May Dinner, and those who Golf in our tournament. YOU help make this all possible.