Current Recipients

The Edison Community & Sports Foundation for the 33rd straight year is awarding scholarships to some outstanding 2016 graduates. These recipients will continue to do Edison proud.

The Edison Community Sports Foundation is pleased to announce the following 2016 scholarship recipients:  

Emilie Zibble - Pete Guzy Scholarship

Emilie played Tennis (Captain), Badminton, and Gymnastics. She has been in the Voyager Leadership Program and has been accepted at the U of M. She will study Business. Her GPA is 3.88 in IB Diploma Coursework. She has taken 6 years of French.  Emilie is 2nd in her class.

Jordan Nisan - Pete Guzy Scholarship

Jordan played Baseball for 4 years, competed in History Day at State level, National Honor Society, received Science Department award. He will attend U of M and study biology with the plan to go into medicine. His GPA is 3.5 in IB Diploma Coursework. He loves music. Jordan is 14th in his class.  

Jenny Chavez - Guil Parsons Scholarship

Jenny  played Tennis & Badminton (Captain in both). She was in the Voyager Leadership Program & National Honor Society. She enjoys team situations. She plans to attend Hamline or St Thomas to become a teacher. Her GPA is 3.7 in IB Diploma Coursework. Jenny is 7th in her class.

Kaiser Ritschel - Guil Parsons Scholarship

Kaiser competed on the Math Team and in the Robotics.  He is in the IB Diploma program and has IC3 computing certification.  He was in the Voyager Leadership Program and other volunteer service activities. He will attend St. Thomas to study Actuarial Science because he loves math. He is in the IB Program and his GPA is 3.87. Kaiser is 4th in his class.

Erika Sacta - Frank Rog Scholarship 

Erika played Tennis (Captain) and Badminton (Captain). She was a District Winner and State Qualifier for National History Day. She was a member of the Voyager Leadership program and NHS.  She wil enroll at St. Catherine University or U of M to study Nursing. Her GPA is 3.66. Erika is 10th in her class.

Matthew McKay-Emond - Frank Rog Scholarship

Matthew is passionate about Theater, especially working backstage.  He   was in band and played varsity tennis.  He would like to become a Doctor and is certified in CPR.  He will enroll at Hamline to study science. His GPA is 3.1 He was in National Honor Society for 3 years.

Alexis Jenson - Art Solz Scholarship

Alexis played Soccer (Captain) and Badminton and managed the boys’ tennis team. She modeled for the “Smooch Project” and designed costumes for the Theater. She has passion for fashion design and will study Fashion Design at St. Catherine. Her GPA is 3.7. Alexis is 11th in her class.

Aaron Klaers  - Art Solz Scholarship

Aaron took part in Football, wrestling, baseball & weight lifting. He thinks of himself as a jock & a nerd. He coaches baseball and likes video games. He was VP of the Voyager Leadership program. He plans to study accounting at the U of M Duluth. His GPA is 3.3.

Audriana Lewis-Davis - Lorraine Lindahl Scholarship

Audriana coaches basketball and volleyball . She was very involved in the Step-Up program and in the Voyager Leadership Program.  She wants to pursue a career in Forensic Nursing.  She will enroll at MCTC. She enjoys writing, especially poetry.  Her GPA is 3.0.

Fatee Xiong - ECSF Scholarship

Fatee was Captain of the Tennis team and President of the Voyager Leadership Club.  He was in the Edison National Honor Society and the Asian Culture Club. He will attend the U of M and study Computer Science and his GPA is 3.7. Fatee  is 6th in his class.

Marcy Chesney - Larson Family Scholarship

Marcy discovered her life goal of becoming a Special Ed teacher through many volunteering opportunities while at Edison. She will enroll at U of M Mankato to teaching with an emphasis on Autism. She was in the IB program and NHS and her GPA is 3.5. Marcy is 17th in her class.

James Swafford  - Bernie Kunza Scholarship

James played Baseball ( Pitcher & Captain) Football, Soccer, and Basketball.  He was in Voyager Leadership Program & took part in Theater.  He will study at the University of Mary in Bismark, ND on a baseball scholarship. GPA is 3.5 in the IB Program. James is 15th in his class.

Liam Davis Temple - Bernie Kunza Scholarship 

Liam is an all-around guy! He plays Baseball (Captain & All-City), he participated in Theater (lead role “Our Town”), Band (1st chair), Math Team, Choir, and more.  He will be a teacher and eventually a politician. He will enroll at Hamline University and his is GPA is 3.84. Liam is 3rd in his class.


Congratulations to all!  Many thanks to everyone who donated financially, those who attended our May Dinner, and those who Golf in our tournament. YOU help make this all possible.